Born 1992 in Napa, California. Drawing from the experience of living in a small wine growing region my life consists of being a connection between urban and rural. Of keeping the old world alive in the contemporary. Understanding that the world is interconnected not just in the present but across time. The past pushing us into the present moment, and the future pulling and presenting itself before us. Studies of architecture and its relationship to art between Napa and Berkeley and currently the relationship between the mind and environment in San Diego inform work produced. Ceramics are formed from the understanding that energy condenses into matter. That form arises from energy transfers. An alchemical mastery of elements; ceramics is a thread extending from the past into the present moment. Forming objects out of clay is done out of the focus produced only in a receptive state of the present. Photography is the integral between two moments of time. A chemical process which is as much a piece of the reality we experience as it is an artifact of a reality of the past. Photography is a physical object which contains infinitesimal moments between the interval of empirical experience. To see the world through the activity of photography is to see the world in its pure interplay of light and shadow. Color is a human perception inherited from our ancestors. Death’s cull has shaped who we are and how we see the world. Color therefore is a reminder of mortality and that which moves us in our development as beings. The work exists and emerges from intersection of technology, invented and discovered. Narratives woven from threads of the dead we form textiles holding each other together. Fabric of our reality; topological knots. Classical training and experience of performing through violin, piano, and guitar inform the production of music. Explorations within the realm of machine learning are producing compositions capable of evoking strong emotions. The integration of computation into the development of music production is implemented in compositions. The formation of learning models and their training driving sound design and inquiry into the core of creativity. Studying within the field of cognitive science, an attempt is made to understand what the condensation of consciousness is and how it is that consciousness may give rise to the onto of that which is. Artist works are in the striving of understanding of the soul’s nature and how to best transfer its creative force into every aspect of human life. Shaped by an environment which thrives on agriculture. A deep appreciation for nature and human’s branching out of its infinitely iterating processes is cultivated in works whether in traditional or new mediums. To channel the creative energy of the universe into the receptive reality we inhabit. To understand that we are not separate from the universe. To understand that we are not simply the observer, but also that which is observed. The work strives to convey the truths of our ancients and the discoveries within the imaginations of our youth.